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PURPOSE. We need to consume less of the world's resources, but we are a growing population  so do we just give up on our efforts to be more sustainable and responsible... OR DO WE GET BETTER AT IT? 


Capturing and preserving the delicate flavours of tuna, and crafted through combining a centuries-old fishing tradition with hand-cut, hand-packed, artisanal canning methods and modern-day food science — producing a low-carbon sourced, once-cooked, protein, omega-3 and selenium rich seafood for consumers who want to make responsible and socially acceptable purchasing choices... because 'GOOD ENOUGH' never is.


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Founded on ocean stewardship and responsibility, we believe in a seafood future that is responsibly sourced, sustainably mindful, supply chain efficient, better for all, and culture rich. We won't make decisions that merely follow the standard practices of "most other companies"... because meaningful outcomes are often the results of many tedious efforts and endeavours. 


Dolphin friendly







About Us

THE WHY: For today and for tomorrow, The Green Fish Company was born out of the desire to offer consumers a sustainable, wild caught, low-Carbon, Protein and Omega-3 seafood product. We are delivering a premium, canned, yellowfin tuna that is socially acceptable, traceable from catch-to-can, and sustainably and responsibly sourced.


THE WHAT: People, Purpose, Passion and Pride underpins us... we truly believe our canned tuna ticks more boxes for the artisanal-centric and consciously aware consumer than the majority of those available in the canned tuna space today. 

THE HOW: Enabled by sustainably minded investors and retailers, and the artisanal fishermen on the British, South Atlantic territory of St. Helena Island, we will start to deliver a responsible and socially acceptable product - produced from tuna caught using mandatory Pole & Line or Handline methods [One hook, One line, One fish at a time].

THE WHERE: St. Helena Island lies within the tropical South Atlantic Ocean and our cannery is located here. The island sits within [UN FAO-47] and is surrounded by a 200 nautical mile radius (172,000 square mile), Category VI, Marine Protected Area (MPA) and Mission Blue-Hope Spot, managed by the UK's Marine Management Organisation (MMO). The MPA also receives support from the Blue Marine Foundation. The island's fishery has exclusive rights to fish within the MPA.

THE GOOD NEWS: While the wider global tuna fishing industry seeks to find ways to undo decades of marine ecosystem destruction due to constant overfishing, unregulated use of dFAD's and lack of investment into sustainable sourcing methods and technologies - the traditional and mandatory pole & line catch method adopted by both the St. Helena Government and its fishery, plus, the science-led quota management and responsible harvesting strategy, with a minimum catch size regulation, is paying dividends, because the island's tuna fishery is healthy and thriving. Our sustainable-centric consumers are assured they will enjoy premium, canned yellowfin tuna from our special artisanal fishery for generations to come. 

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Preserving the spirit to work fairly and honourably, and built on the spirit of participation...

"From the top down, we must always make decisions that impact our community, our planet and our partners in a positive, but sustainable manner. Safeguarding traditions, livelihoods and the invested interests of all stakeholders, will always remain paramount and at the core of everything we do."

PEOPLE, PURPOSE, PASSION and PRIDE are the four all-important cornerstones that underpin our company and our success. We will manage our company as if we are a family, bound by the bond of our friendship and commitment, devoid of antagonism, helping each other with a mutual sense of gratitude and appreciation for and to our oceans.

Our CORE VALUES are founded on responsibility and ocean stewardship and these will navigate the course of our business. As a team, we are resolute in our determination to uphold our values, because if we compromise we won’t make a difference...and we will make a difference!

COMMITMENT, COMMUNICATION and COURAGE will be the key drivers for delivering on our core values—ensuring the collective business decisions we make always points us towards our intended goals.

“For too long, we have been far too aggressive about extracting ocean wildlife and not appreciating that there are limits. We are nearing the point of no return”

Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue and National Geographic


Our Cannery

PREMISES: Our operations will always be located only minutes from the sea―giving us the ability to receive the day's catch and completing the initial process of logging, grading, chilling and preparing the tuna for the canning process, within hours of it being caught.  

QUALITY: With strict measures for maintaining a continuous COLD-CHAIN from the moment of catch through to the ONCE-COOKED process, consumers will be assured of 'locked-in' freshness and quality, and importantly, they will be assured, their tuna retains the highest possible content of the all-important and health benefiting proteins and minerals.   

GREEN CANNERY: Tropical locations lends themselves to being ideal for harvesting 'green' energy. With ambitions to be powered as far as possible by Mother Nature, we are committed to investing in the technologies and innovation that will enable us to achieve this.

A GREENER FISHERY: We are invested in managing the carbon footprint of our operations, and we will impact this by providing a carbon-free ice solution―produced from power generated through solar PV.

PLASTICS:  Our entire shelf-ready packaging solution is plastic-free, paraben-free and 100% recyclable. Our fishermen are also incentivised to remove marine debris and plastics, because our ultimate goal is to become an end-to-end, carbon- and plastic-neutral operation.

PEOPLE: The heartbeat and backbone of our operation. Our people will have permanent not seasonal employment, will receive fair pay and conditions, be treated fairly and respectfully, and valued. 

UN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS: We are 100% committed to the UN SDG charter, and from the very outset we are adopting Nos. 5, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 17. 

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Delivering a responsible purchasing choice

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A mandatory pole & line fishery, and a member of the International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF) and Global Tuna Alliance (GTA) 

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100% dolphin friendly, 100% FAD-free, 0% bycatch, protecting vital marine  ecosystems and restoring biodiversity.

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Sustainably and responsibly sourced from a pristine, Category VI, Marine Protected Area (MPA) and Mission Blue - Hope Spot

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A science-led quota management with a minimum catch size - no juvenile catch, ensuring stock levels flourish and remain healthy & plentiful  

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100% transparent and traceable from catch-to-can-to-table. We connect you to your fishermen

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Hand cut, hand packed and only once cooked, locking in quality and health benefiting proteins and minerals

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Link to logos to discover the IPNLF and GTA differences, and what they mean to you, and us

Our Fisheries - St. Helena Island

PUREST CATCH: For more than 400 years, fishing has been a way of life for the people of St. Helena. The artisanal fishermen operate traditional inshore boats under the umbrella of the St. Helena Commercial Fishermen's Association (SHCFA), and today, they fish the same tuna grounds, using the same methods their fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers have fished and used for centuries.


A SUSTAINABLE FOOD-FUTURE: As a member of the International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF), we guarantee that our tuna will only be harvested using the One hook, One line, One fish at a time (one-by-one) method. Protecting our ocean's biodiversity and the long-term success of our business and our fisheries is paramount.


INTERNATIONAL COMPLIANCE: St. Helena Island is also an active member of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT).


OUR FISHERMEN: Many of today's captains are third- or fourth-generation fishermen. As with most small island communities, fishing is a key industry and touches every member of the wider local community. Our fishermen are resolute in their determination to continue to fish using traditional pole & line methods, showcasing their fishery as being the most sustainable.

QUOTA MANAGEMENT: Data and science determines the annual quota allocations, always ensuring the fishery remains a responsible managed one. Healthy stocks are maintained by prohibiting the landing of juvenile fish and a minimum catch size regulation is in place . As an active member of ICCAT, the St. Helena authorities are committed to effective and long term quota management and mindful allocation. 


TRANSPARENCY & TRACEABILITY: Catch data is recorded against each boat upon daily landings, giving the consumer immutable assurance that their tuna has been harvested responsibly and assures 100% traceability from catch-to-can-to-table.

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The Green Fish Foundation

"We know that Mother Nature is best at looking after our planet, so we are committed to making sure we continue to support her in every way possible."

Underpinning our philosophy, and as important to us as our credentials for being an ethical, sustainable and responsible business, is our Foundation.


Whether as a consumer, a partner, or simply someone who cares about our oceans, your support is vital to the work The Green Fish Foundation does to fulfil our commitment, and our pledge, to the UN SGD charter.

Our Foundation will strive to:

  • Educate tomorrow's ocean guardians of the importance of caring for our delicate marine ecosystems

  • Develop and upskill the next generation of pole & line fishermen

  • Assist and equip local environmental groups with time and tools to keep our coastlines and our ocean clean

  • Support fishermen with the equipment needed to collect data, and to tag and monitor their tuna stocks 

  • Invest in the technologies that will enable effective monitoring of our designated Marine Protected Areas (MPA) 


"As a company and a coastal community, we are going to care for our ocean as if we were planning to be here forever, because we know, when our ocean and the life it supports remain healthy, our fisheries and our futures will be protected for generations to come”

The Green Fish Company

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For investment or business partnership enquiries please contact us

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